Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a service model of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources, across the Internet. In IaaS the computing resource provided is computing infrastructure, like a Virtual Server Space, network connections, bandwidth, IP addresses and load balancers. The client has access to the virtualised components in order to build their own IT platforms.


Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a model that sits between Software (SaaS) and Infrastructure (IaaS). In PaaS the platform provides a virtualized environment to run as well as develop applications. With PaaS you can create an app, web service or use any 3rth party app and upload the code directly to the platform, according to specific programming stacks available. Once uploaded, the app is immediately available, without the need to install all the runtimes, compilers, interpreters, libraries and without the need to keep the system updated, choose or modify the OS.

With PaaS all the software requirements to program or run in a specific language as well as the automatic scaling of capacity, network optimization and balancing, storage requirements and types, updates and security, are all done by the PaaS system itself freeing the user from all work. Bitcanal can provide you with the right PaaS platform, such as Jelastic for your developments. All the required maintenance of the platform, storage needs and networking are our responsibility.


Software and a Service (SaaS) is the direct delivery of software running as a cloud service. With SaaS the user is provided with the application required running on the cloud, which can be accessed directly and priced according to usage. The user doesn’t have to install or maintain the software, only remotely access it and use. All the installation, updating, troubleshooting and the platform required to run it, is the responsibility of the provider.


Bitcanal can help you with your virtualization requirements. We can virtualize your physical servers, optimizing network performance, storage and security. We can also create a Private Cloud deployment for customers, protecting your assets. With private cloud you can have significant performance and security by hiding your backend with private IP addressing and secure networking. We can also provide virtualized environments for other services, such as routing, firewalling and load balancing coupled with your virtual servers.